Benedicte Grepp


Benedicte Grepp is a sculptor who lives and works in Norway.


Her primary medium is metal, which she uses to form creatures that hover on walls or stand poised on plinths. The material’s rigid state is reversed, it's great weight and industrial edges are transformed into sinuous lines and delicate patinations. Perhaps the only trace of the metal’s original, raw state is its coldness, wholly appropriate in these cold-bloodied specimens, which rely on the galleries warmth just to remain conscious.


Grepp’s creatures are not traditional subjects for sculpture. There is little romanticism in Grepp’s work - her animals are neither proud nor heroic. In her works Grepp presents species that we don’t expect to see immortalised in steel – insects, lizards, turtles and fish have all been bent, cut and carved to co-exist in her studio.


Her creatures hang in suspended animation, although caught unaware

by the viewer, each is momentarily petrified in stasis. Yet their pose

and dynamism leaves us feeling that they could scuttle into a corner

as soon as we turn away.


Grepp pushes the boundaries and limits of the traditional, man-dominated

pursuit of blacksmithing with a quirkiness and delicateness that injects

life into the artform.